Ecology for Very Young Learners

Ecology for Very Young Learners contains five hands-on activities for 4- and 5-year-olds which introduce them to different areas of the environment.


Lesson 1: Let's Be Explorers

Children explore their environment using magnifying glasses and picture cards.

Reproducible: Let's Be Explorer Picture Cards

Lyrics: Look Around


Lesson 2: Animal Memory

Children learn about animals and their homes.

Reproducible: Animal Memory Activity Cards

Lyrics: H-O-M-E-S

Lesson 3: Garbage Grab

Children recognize litter and clean the environment.


Lesson 4: Plant Adventure Artwork 

Children learn the parts of plants and become aware of them in the environment.


Lesson 5: The Great H2O Show

Children learn about the different forms of water: rain, snow, ice and steam.