Lesson 1

Let's Be Explorers


Lesson Overview:

The environment is everything in the participants' surroundings. It can include plants, animals, buildings, rivers, other people, etc. This is an important concept to learn because the environment impacts everyday functioning. Learning about the environment teaches children how to positively interact with things in their world.

In this activity, children explore their environment using a magnifying glass and the Let's Be Explorers Picture Cards. This activity can be done on school grounds, at a park or on a field trip. The leader can choose whether children do the activity individually or in pairs.


Reproducible: Let's Be Explorers Picture Cards 

1. Decide where the exploration will take place.

2. Make copies of the Let's Be Explorers Picture Cards and cut them apart.

3. Determine whether children will work individually or in pairs.

4. Distribute one card to each participant or pair.

5. Instruct participants to find the object that matches their card.

6. After each child or pair has found their object, have them come together and sit in a circle.

7. Go around the circle and have each child tell if they found the object and have anything to say about it. Encourage each child to point out his/her object.

8. Ask the children if there was anything in the environment that was not already mentioned or not included as a picture on a card. ​


Reproducible: Look Around lyrics

The lyrics to this song can be copied if desiredThe children will enjoy singing, moving, and/or marching to the music.  


School: Have children tell their own story about their exploring experience.

Home: Ask children to draw a picture of something in their environment.                                                                                                                  ​