Lesson 2

Animal Memory


Lesson Overview:

See the Lesson Overview for Level 1, Lesson 2, Everybody Needs a Home. This activity will help children familiarize themselves with animals and their homes. It is very important that children are aware of potential animal homes in their environment, so they know how to behave in a safe manner around animals that may be harmful.

1. Make copies of the cards and cut them out.
2. Decide how to use the cards.
a) Use the cards as a memory game. (Place face-down on a table. Each child, in turn, flips over two cards at a time, trying to match as many as possible.)
b) Hold up a card and have children tell where the animal lives or what animal lives in the home.
c) Place cards face up and have children pair together animals and homes.
3. Discuss how each animal's home is different.
4. Discuss which animals and their homes are in the participants' environment.
5. Discuss where the other animals that do not live in participants' environment live (e.g., in another state, in hot/cold climates).



Reproducible: H-O-M-E-S lyrics

The lyrics to this song can be copied if desired. The children will enjoy singing, moving and/or marching to the music.


School: Have children draw animals and homes.

Home: Take a trip to a zoo or a park to look at animals and their homes.