Lesson 3

Garbage Grab​


Lesson Overview:

This activity encourages children to keep our environment clean and helps them recognize what can be considered litter. Litter can be described as anything that belongs in a garbage can after use. This is designed as a controlled activity that will prevent exposure to germs and bacteria. It may include soda pop cans, candy wrappers, fast food containers, old newspapers, glass bottles, etc.

Some litter can be recycled and belongs in special recycling bins. Recycling means that  something can be cleaned and used again. Some of the things that can be recycled include bottles, cans, paper, plastic, etc.



1.  Leader collects "litter" (candy wrapper, fast food container/wrapping, soda pop can, old newspaper, paper bag, bottle caps, glass bottle, wrapped piece of candy, plastic silverware, crumpled but clean facial tissue, etc.) to be picked up by the participants.

2.  Choose an area (inside/outside) and place the litter around the area.

3.  Discuss litter with the children.

4.  Hand out a bag to each child to put litter in or use Garbage Monster (see activity below).

5.  Have the children pick up the trash.

6.  After children pick up trash, gather together in a circle and discuss which items could be recycled.

7.  Put all recyclable materials in one box and throw the rest away.


Activity: Garbage Monster
Materials Needed:
  • Box or bag.
  • Scissors.
  • Paint.
  • Crayons, markers.
  • String if using a box.
  • Glue.

1.  Choose a bag or box to use to make the monster.

2.  Decorate the bag or box.

3.  If using a box, use a string as a pulley while collecting the garbage.

4.  Pick up the trash and place it in the monster. This monster gobbles garbage.

1.  Visit a local recycling center.
2.  Depending upon age of participants, take them to a park to clean up litter.
3.  Recycled art and music -
  • Ask parents to bring in plastic soda bottles.
  • Have children paint the outside of the bottles.
  • Have "rattle" materials (beans, rice, pebbles, etc.) to put inside the bottles.
  • Close the bottle with the lid and shake to make music.

Reproduci​ble: We Can Make A Difference Lyrics 

The lyrics to this song can be copied if desiredThe children will enjoy singing, moving, and/or marching to the music. 


School: Have children look through magazines and cut out pictures of things that could be garbage or recycled. Glue into logbooks.