Lesson 4

Plant Adventure Artwork


Lesson Overview:

All plants are living things, like humans. Plants can grow in soil or water. Plants​ grown in the soil include trees, grass and flowers. Plants grown in the water include water lilies and seaweed. Different places grow different types of plants. The fruits and vegetables we eat come from plants. Plants have different parts, just as we have different parts of our bodies. These parts include stems, roots, leaves and seeds. This activity will increase the participants' awareness of plants in their environment. They will also become familiar with the different parts of plants.


1. Provide a plant for observation.
2. Ask children to identify the different parts of the plant (stem, leaves, seeds, roots).
3. Prepare to explore outdoors. Pass out small paper bags for students to store what they find. Have children use their magnifying glasses while exploring outdoors.
4. Take children outside to a safe area where they can pick up sticks, leaves and flowers or plants approved by teachers/leaders.
5. Take collected items to the classroom.
6. Provide children with art materials (including paper, crayons, colored pencils, etc.).They can do rubbings by placing an object under a sheet of paper and coloring over it with a crayon. Collages may be made with some of the collected items.





  • Make plant parts out of construction paper and place them on a bulletin board, labeling each part.
  • Visit a local nursery and take a tour to learn about different plants.
  • If space permits, plant a group/class garden of vegetables and/or flowers. 


School: Have the children draw a picture of a plant in the logbook.