Lesson 5

The Great H2O Show


Lesson Overview:

Water is everywhere. It's in lakes, oceans, ponds and streams. Water can be found in the air when it's foggy or when it's hot and sticky. There are different forms of water: rain, snow, ice and steam. People, animals and plants all need water to live. This activity will introduce children to the different forms of water in their environment.


1. Gather the following supplies: ice cube trays, large plastic bowl, hot plate or stove, pot with a lid.

2. Fill ice cube trays with water, and allow the children to observe water in its liquid form.

3. Place ice cube trays in freezer for at least a day.

4. Remove the trays the next day. Let the kids observe water in its solid form, ice. Put the ice cubes in the plastic bowl, so the children can observe the ice as it changes back into liquid.

5. Place water in the pot. Heat the pot on a hot plate or stove until it boils. Tip the lid so it is at an angle. This will allow steam to escape. Point out the rising steam to the children. (Be very careful!)

6. Take the lid off the pot, and show the children the drops of water. (Again, be very careful!)


Reproducible: Water, Water, Everywhere Lyrics

Makes copies of the lyrics. The children will enjoy singing, moving and/or marching to the music. 



1. Visit a local water treatment plant.

2. Make Popsicles.


  • Kool Aid
  • Sugar
  • Large spoon
  • Paper cups
  • Measuring cups
  • Wooden craft sticks
  • Pitcher

Mix Kool Aid as directed on package. Pour into paper cups. Put into freezer. Checks the cups every hour to see if the Kool Aid is freezing. When it begins to freeze, place a wooden craft stick in the center of each cup. The next day, remove the Popsicles from the freezer. Peel the cup from the Popsicle and enjoy.



School: Have children draw the different forms of water they learned about.

Home: The children can draw pictures of places they find water in their environment.