Level 1 (Pre K - Grade 2)

In Level 1, lower elementary students learn about having healthy hearts and how physical activity contributes to heart health.


Core Lesson: My Healthy Heart Booklet

Students create a booklet on heart health and learn how exercise and nutrition affect the  heart.

Reproducible: My Healthy Heart Booklet


Language Arts Strand: Puppets, Pigs and Props

Students make puppets and act out a story on healthy, happy hearts.

Reproducible: Three Healthy Little Pigs?

Reproducible: Puppet Parts


Math Strand: Lub Dub, Lub Dub

Students use cardboard tubes to listen to their heartbeats, before and after exercise.

Reproducible: The Beat Goes On

​ ​ ​

Health Strand: Moving is Fun!

Students learn why exercising is healthy, evaluate their own level of daily activity and see how exercise can vary in intensity.

Reproducible: Why Exercise is Cool
Message for teachers: It's important to note that the concept of obesity could bring up sensitivities in your classroom. Chances are, some of your students may be overweight or obese, and it's important not to single out those students. The lessons within this curriculum are designed specifically to avoid using the terms "overweight" and "obese," thereby ensuring that all students feel comfortable with and enjoy completing the activities within the lessons.