Level 2 (Grade 3 - Grade 5)

In Level 2, upper elementary students learn physical activity is not limited to organized sports or exercise routines.  


Core Lesson: It's in the Bag

Students review exercise vocabulary, then create physical and mental challenges for fellow students as they move along a large "game board".

Reproducible:  Exercise: Important Terms


Language Arts Strand: Food That's Out of this World

Students examine the growing habit of eating fast food. First, they imagine what it would be like to be citizens from an imaginary planet with no fast food. Then they think of healthy substitutions for fast food menu items.


Math Strand: Calculate Carefully!

Students pair-up to record measurements for different physical activities, then use the results to create a bar graph to present to the class.

Reproducible: Activity Worksheet


Science Strand: Grab for Something Healthy

Students learn the definitions of terms found on food labels. Then they work in groups to think of healthy snacks, side dishes or entrees.  

Reproducible: "odof abell" Scramble


Message for teachers: It's important to note that the concept of obesity could bring up sensitivities in your classroom. Chances are, some of your students may be overweight or obese, and it's important not to single out these students.  The lessons within this curriculum are designed to specifically avoid using the terms "overweight" and "obese," thereby ensuring that all students feel comfortable with and enjoy completing the activities within the lessons.