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Exercise and Nutrition Program 
Take-Home Items

Unlike many programs developed to address student health and fitness, Modern Woodmen's Exercise and Nutrition Program is specifically designed to help teachers incorporate exercise and nutrition lessons within the context of traditional courses like math, language arts and science.

Like each of Modern Woodmen's youth educational programs, the Exercise and Nutrition Program includes take-home items to recognize the efforts of participants and reinforce what is learned.

Level 1 (Pre-K - Grade 2)

In Level 1, lower-elementary students create a "My Healthy Heart Booklet" incorporating math, writing and art skills. Additionally, a language arts strand interprets a story about "Three Healthy Little Pigs," complete with a puppet show, and a math strand compares heartbeats at rest and after exercise.

Each child receives an age-appropriate bookmark.

​ ​
Level 2 (Grade 3 - Grade 5)
Level 2 promotes physical activity through movement around a large game board. Upper-elementary students create an ad for healthy food; a math strand combines physical activities with math skills; and a science strand introduces healthy, tasty foods and nutrition concepts. 

Level 3 (Grade 6 - Grade 8)

Using a scenario of hiking the Appalachian Trail, students get active and examine concepts related to the energy balance of caloric intake and expenditure. This level includes language arts, math and social studies strands. 


Each participant in Levels 2 and 3 receives an age-appropriate bookmark.

​ ​

All Levels (Pre-K - Grade 8)

Every child that participates in the Exercise and Nutrition Program receives a jump rope.​