Level 2 (Grade 3 - Grade 5)

In Level 2, upper-elementary students learn about decision-making skills, entrepreneurship, savings and other financial responsibilities.

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Lesson 1: Understanding What I Need

Children learn about the role of money, individual decision-making and scarcity and opportunity costs (trade-offs).

Reproducible: Facing the Future
Reproducible: What Do I Value?


Lesson 2: Earning What I Want

This lesson covers specialization, supply and demand and entrepreneurship involving financial responsibility.

Reproducible: Supply and Demand


Lesson 3: Growing What I Have

This lesson focuses on saving money, financial institutions and saving instruments. 

Reproducible: Savings Word Search
This lesson discusses decision making, peer pressure and smart shopping involving financial issues.
Reproducible: 6-Step Decision Making 
Reproducible: Fact or Opinion?
Reproducible: Good Deal - or Not?
Children will learn about the Federal Reserve, economic trends, types of economies, taxes and the "New Economy".
Reproducible: Economy Crossword
Reproducible: Mind Mapping