Level 3 (Grade 6 - Grade 8)

In Level 3, middle (junior high) school students learn how to set and meet financial goals, how to organize their finances and how to make wise investment decisions. Topics include budgeting, credit and debt, identity theft, insurance, employment and types of investments.

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Lesson 1: Organizing Money: Personal Financial Planning

Students learn how to set financial goals, how to create a net worth statement, and budgeting techniques.

Reproducible: Net Worth Statement
Reproducible: Monthly Budget 

Lesson 2: Respecting Money: Being a Wise Consumer

This lesson covers: 1) credit; 2) debt; 3) identity theft; 4) resolving store complaints; and 5) organizing finances.

Reproducible: Credit Crossword
Reproducible: Shopping and You

Lesson 3: Protecting Money: Insurance and Estate Planning

Lesson 3 topics include: 1) risk; 2) insurance; and 3) estate planning.

Reproducible: Insurance Match-ups

Lesson 4: Making Money: The World of Work

Students learn about employment, job applications, interviews and the impact of their current choices on future employment.

Reproducible: Interview Tips
Reproducible: Interview Checklist

Lesson 5: Building Money: Investments

Lesson 5 topics include: 1) safe and/or liquid investments; 2) stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other types of investments; and 3) making wise investment decisions.

Reproducible: Write Checks Right
Reproducible: Read a Stock Table