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Financial Literacy Program
Take-Home Items

At Modern Woodmen, we believe that as a child's knowledge of money grows, so does his or her respect for money and the likelihood of smart financial decisions. The Financial Literacy Program lays the foundation for successful money management by providing young people opportunities to gain age-appropriate knowledge and skills for today and the future.

Like each of Modern Woodmen's youth educational programs, the Financial Literacy Program includes take-home items to recognize the efforts of participants and reinforce what is learned.

Level 1 (Pre-K - Grade 2)

Level 1 discusses money basics, allowances, savings, Modern Woodmen's brand of charitable giving known as fraternalism, and responsible spending.

Each child receives a recycled currency pencil. 










​ ​

Level 2 (Grade 3 - Grade 5)

Level 2 addresses wants and needs, entrepreneurship, savings instruments, savvy shopping and more.

Each participant receives a recycled currency pencil.





​ ​

Level 3 (Grade 6 - Grade 8)

Level 3 tackles tough topics like careers, insurance, goal-setting, budgeting, and credit and debt.

Each student receives a money management slide guide.