Level 1 (Pre-K - Grade 2)

In Level 1 lower elementary students learn they are members of groups, citizens and patriots, as well as individuals.

Lesson 1: I Am a Person

Students learn they are growing and developing individuals with rights and personal values.

Reproducible: My Bill of Rights

Lesson 2: I Am a Member of Groups

Students learn they're group members who must respect rules and others' rights.

Reproducible: The Grouping Game
Reproducible: We're Group Members

Lesson 3: I Am a Citizen

Students learn they are U.S. citizens. They participate in a mock election and explore diverse cultures.

Reproducible: The Bill of Rights
Song: Democracy

Lesson 4: I Am a Patriot

Students grow in their pride as American citizens as they study some U.S. history, review the Pledge of Allegiance and participate in patriotic activities.

Reproducible: The Bill of Rights
Reproducible: The Statue of Liberty
Reproducible: State Trivia Chart