Level 2 (Grade 3 - Grade 5)

In Level 2, upper elementary students review highlights from American history; learn about the U.S. government; study the states' history, powers and uniqueness; and learn that as U.S. citizens, they have protection as well as responsibilities.​

Lesson 1: Breaking Free: Our History

Students review American history through the Revolutionary War.

Reproducible: What Do You Know?

Reproducible: Letters From America

Reproducible: Breaking Away From England (1763-1774)

Reproducible: The Fight for Freedom (1774-1782)

Reproducible: The Declaration of Independence

Reproducible: Deciphering Revolutionary Code

Reproducible: Founding Fathers Trading Cards

Reproducible: American History Crossword


Song: The First Comers



Lesson 2: Keeping Free: Our Democracy

Students learn the history and basic structure of American government.

Reproducible: Branches of Government

Reproducible: Checks and Balances

Reproducible: The Historic Election of 2000

Reproducible: How a Law is Made

Reproducible: Weird Laws


Song: We the People




Lesson 3: Connected and Free: Our 50 States

Students review the history of the 13 colonies; compare federal, state and local governments; and enjoy learning state trivia.

Reproducible: The 13 Colonies/Complete the Pennies

Reproducible: The 13 Original Colonies

Reproducible: Make a Colonial Whirligig

Reproducible: Our Federalist Government

Reproducible: Federal and State Governments

Reproducible: Who's Got the Power? Card Game

Reproducible: States Trivia Chart


Song: This Nation Born of Colonies



Lesson 4: Living Free: Our Rights and Responsibilities

Students learn their Constitutional rights and duties as American citizens.

Reproducible: The Bill of Rights 

Reproducible: Young Citizen Power

Reproducible: Proud to be an American Word Find

Reproducible: Our Great Democracy Game


Song: Patriotic People



Song: America the Beautiful