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Patriotic Civics Program
Take-Home Items

Modern Woodmen's Patriotic Civics Program combines lessons in civics and history with original music, offering educators and youth leaders a unique way to share the American story and build national pride in future generations.

Like each of Modern Woodmen's youth educational programs, the Patriotic Civics Program includes take-home items to recognize the efforts of participants and reinforce what is learned.


All Levels (Pre-K - Grade 8)

Level 1 covers personal rights and values, group roles and relationships, our role and rights as citizens, our founding fathers, national symbols and more.

Level 2's discussion topics include the formation of our nation, democracy, the 50 states, and our rights and responsibilities.

Level 3 students discuss the history and structure of our government, our economy, the power of information and civic engagement, and more.


Every child that participates in the Patriotic Civics Program receives a photo-frame magnet.​