Child ID Kit

Reproducible: Child ID Kit Letter #1 

Reproducible: Child ID Kit Letter #2 

Each child that participates in Levels 1 or 2 of Modern Woodmen's Safety and Life Skills Program receives a child ID kit. A completed kit contains valuable information that can be of great benefit to a family.

Imagine the situation of a missing child. What if an AMBER Alert was issued for a child you know? A completed child ID kit could provide just the vital information needed to locate the child.

An AMBER Alert is a nationwide program designed to help recover lost children. AMBER stands for America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. The AMBER Alert was named for nine-year-old Amber Hageman of Arlington, Texas, who was kidnapped and killed in 1996. In response to her kidnapping, local radio stations agreed to repeat news bulletins about local abductions to help locate missing children. This idea attracted national media attention and eventually became a nationwide program.

A completed child ID kit contains a child's personal information and fingerprints. This information is critical in the event of an emergency.

You can use the child ID kit:
1) As a take-home item. Encourage children and parents to complete and discuss the kit together. Child ID Kit Letter #1 may be copied and sent home to provide background information to the parents. 
2) To reinforce the lesson within the classroom. If fingerprinting will be done in the classroom, it is recommended that a local law enforcement representative be present. Be sure to obtain parental permission beforehand by making copies of Child ID Kit Letter #2 to send home.