Level 1 (Pre-K - Grade 2)

In Level 1, lower-elementary students discuss concepts related to health promotion, disease prevention, healthy behaviors and decision-making skills that enhance health.


Lesson 1: Stranger Danger

The children learn about strangers, the dangers they may pose, and how to respond in situations involving strangers.

Reproducible: Codeword Letter

Lesson 2: The Telephone 

The children learn how to dial important telephone numbers and provide needed information in an emergency.

Lesson 3: Home Safety

The children learn about common home dangers.


Lesson 4: Health and Body Safety

The children learn proper techniques for washing hands and brushing teeth. They learn about good, bad and secret touches, and why it is important to keep bodies safe and healthy.


Lesson 5: Outdoor Safety

The children learn about street and sidewalk safety, seatbelt safety, bus safety, playground safety and water safety.


Lesson 6: Fire Safety

The children learn about fire hazards, personal fire safety techniques and home fire safety.

Reproducible: Fire Safety Activity Sheet

Reproducible: Get Out of the House! Activity Sheet


Lesson 7: Weather Safety

The children learn about weather patterns and safety guidelines for each type of weather.


Lesson 8: Bullying/Friend Safety

The children learn what bullying behavior looks like and how to respond in a situation involving bullies.


Lesson 9: Bicycle Safety

The children learn how to ride bicycles safely and responsibly.


Child ID Kit 

Poster: Wash Your Hands!