Level 2 (Grade 3 - Grade 5)

In Level 2, upper-elementary students discuss concepts related to health promotion, disease prevention, healthy behaviors and decision-making skills that enhance health.


Lesson 1: Internet Safety

The children learn about the dangers of using the Internet and how to use it safely.

Lesson 2: Weather Safety
The children learn the warning signs of various weather conditions and how to respond to each condition.


Lesson 3: Personal Body Safety and Bullying

The children study bullying behaviors and learn how to respond. They also learn what to do when faced with a situation involving inappropriate touch.


Lesson 4: Fire Safety

The children learn what to do in case of fire and how to respond if someone catches fire. They also learn the dangers of smoke and the importance of smoke detectors.


Lesson 5: Basic First Aid

The children learn to respond in an effective, calm and timely manner if someone has fallen, has a nosebleed, is choking or otherwise needs first aid.

Reproducible: Basic First Aid Chart


Lesson 6: Water Safety

The children review water safety rules and learn to recognize dangerous situations involving water. 

Reproducible: Swimming Safety Mystery Activity Sheet


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