2019 Topic

 “Challenges Youth Face"

All generations face some of the same challenges, but there are also unique challenges rising to the surface that are affecting today's youth. These challenges need solutions, and who better to combat them then the very youth they affect? How do these challenges compare to the challenges encountered by previous generations?


In organizing their speeches, students may choose to consider one or more of the following questions or present on their own aspect of the topic.

  • What are some challenges unique to this generation of youth?
  • What are some challenges that seem to occur in every generation?
  • What are some ways to combat these challenges?
  • Who should be responsible for combating the challenges?

Students may use these questions to help formulate ideas, but they should not be limited by the list above.

​ ​ ​ Note: The box of materials sent to the coordinator of the Level 1 Local School Speech Contest contains the awards and student brochures explaining the topic, the rules, judging criteria and pictures of the awards.